Asian Development Bank to Back Philippine Offshore Wind Projects

Offshore wind energy has been identified by the Philippines Department of Energy (DOE) as one of the Southeast Asian country’s top renewable energy sector priorities.

According to local Philippine media reports, the Philippine government has now secured the backing of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to ensure that several ports in the country can accommodate planned offshore wind projects.

However, Energy Assistant Secretary Mylene Capongcol said that based on international standards, there are no ready ports in the Philippines that can currently accommodate offshore wind engineering demands.

She added that either new ports will have to be built or existing ports will have to be repurposed for the storage, assembly, construction, and operation of offshore wind farms and the ADB would assist in the assessment of nine initial identified ports.

She added that the ports, which are a mix of private and local government-owned, would undergo screening to see if they can meet the requirements of offshore wind developers. The initial identified ports are in Iloilo, Bacolod, Batangas, and Cagayan.

To date, the Philippines DOE has awarded 79 offshore wind contracts with a total potential capacity of 61.931 gigawatts (GW).