Asia Centre of Carbon Excellence Launched in Singapore by South Pole and GenZero

South Pole and GenZero have launched the Asia Centre of Carbon Excellence (ACCE), a new hub of international experts focused on innovative and novel carbon project development, carbon policy and capacity-building.

Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), this state-of-the-art technical and carbon financing hub, hosted out of Singapore, will provide the expertise needed to overcome complex challenges and catalyse new opportunities for climate action across Asia.

Asia is ripe for novel project development and Singapore has a big role to play in the international trade of high-quality carbon credits under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement that will help countries and businesses meet their climate goals.

The core focus of ACCE is to unlock cutting-edge approaches to meet the emission reduction targets of the Paris Agreement as quickly as possible. ACCE will also help Singapore nurture the professional skills to fully unlock Asia’s potential for new decarbonisation pathways.

In collaboration with regional corporations and governments, the ACCE team will explore opportunities for carbon project development and market realisation within value chains, both in Asia and globally. This will help clients to meet their emission reduction targets in a cost-effective manner and accelerate action towards a green, sustainable future.

The Centre will act as a hub of activity for Singapore and focus on high-impact first-of-a-kind projects that are distinctly valuable to the region.

Projects include the early decommissioning of coal-fired power plants, fostering the development of green shipping, green hydrogen, and green ammonia, encouraging the adoption of carbon capture and storage technologies, and supporting the implementation of carbon pricing instruments such as the EU carbon border adjustment mechanisms.

John Davis, Interim CEO of South Pole, said: “Singapore has a strong reputation for playing a role in advancing climate action beyond its borders, making it an ideal place to host our new Asia Centre of Carbon Excellence. Public-private sector collaboration is the only way we will meet our climate goals under Paris and ACCE exemplifies the best of this model. Technical know-how and brave innovation will define how our team works to boost Asia’s leadership in international carbon trading and mitigation.”

 South Pole is already designing and applying cutting-edge carbon finance solutions across Asia, including the Coal to Clean Credit initiative (CCCI) with the Rockefeller Foundation.

The CCCI seeks to unlock carbon finance to accelerate the early retirement of coal-fired power plants and replace them with renewable energy, including a project in the Philippines. ACCE aims to multiply these kinds of pioneering efforts in Asia.