Asia Carbon Institute Collaborates With EcoRegistry to Accelerate Digitisation of the Voluntary Carbon Market

Asia Carbon Institute (ACI) has announced its strategic partnership with EcoRegistry, a global registry platform known for its scalable digital technology and innovative solutions to drive climate action.

This collaboration aims to enhance the credibility and transparency of the ACI Registry for voluntary carbon credits while establishing a robust technology-standards partnership to digitalise the voluntary carbon credit market ecosystem in Asia.

EcoRegistry has gained recognition as a leading environmental asset digital platform, excelling in reliability, transparency, and data traceability. In 2023, Environmental Finance ranked EcoRegistry as the second-best voluntary carbon credits’ registry provider globally, underscoring its commitment to excellence and integrity.

The partnership between EcoRegistry and ACI complements each other’s strengths, expediting the development of the ecosystem in the Asian market. It seamlessly connects upstream greenhouse gas mitigation projects through the ACI Standards and Registry to downstream financial sponsors.

Established in 2022, ACI is one of Asia’s pioneering voluntary carbon credit standards organizations. As a non-profit organisation, ACI certifies and registers carbon credits with a focus on technology-based and urban-related solutions. ACI firmly believes in the transformative power of technology-based solutions to combat climate change and promote sustainable development in Asia. Committed to transparency and quality assurance, ACI strives to provide a comprehensive and sustainable platform in the region.

This collaboration aims to significantly impact the transformation of the carbon market ecosystem in Asia. By leveraging the ACI’s digital measurement, reporting, and verification (DMRV)-enabled standard and the EcoRegistry’s blockchain-based registry, the partnership strives to improve data connectivity and integrity, while uphold the well-established greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation quantification principles for a more transparent and efficient carbon market.

The collaboration for a DMRV-enabled-standard-registry will embrace those digital ready project proponents, validation/verification bodies, downstream securitisation institutions, and well-connected data platform and marketplaces to track and realise GHG emission reduction or removal in real time for wider and more efficient applications.

To further accelerate the transformation of the voluntary carbon credit industry, ACI and EcoRegistry are in discussions with other environmental asset standards and open data connecting platform that have different geographical or segmental focuses.

The goal is to form an alliance to share best practices and technologies, and collectively advance the mission to revolutionise the voluntary carbon credit industry to prepare for the challenges from Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. We truly believe that the enhanced transparency and data traceability of a well-connected and well-managed open platform can ultimately foster the development of a more robust and trust-effective carbon market ecosystem.