Ajinomoto and Meiji Claim New Cow Feed Can Cut Climate Emissions

Two of Japan’s largest multinational food companies have joined forces in a bid to lessen the levels of nitrogen in animal waste.  

Japanese firms Meiji and Ajinomoto are collaborating on a new cow feed that they say will help to reduce climate emissions.

Ajinomoto developed an amino acid that Meiji has incorporated into the feed, which it plans to sell to dairy farmers.

The companies say cattle that consume their product will produce lower levels of nitrogen in their waste.

The companies plan to launch the project with dairy farmers in Hokkaido Prefecture, the country’s primary area for dairy farming, before expanding it to other parts of the country.

According to an NHK News report, the dairy farmers will provide data on how much their emissions have gone down. Ajinomoto will then earn a carbon capture credit from the government. That credit will be acquired by Meiji, with the money finally trickling down to the farmers.

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