AIIB Boosts Support for Southeast Asia’s Green Transition and Sustainable Infrastructure Development

The Board of Directors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) approved an investment of up to US$120 million in the Seraya Southeast Asia Energy Transition and Digital Infrastructure Fund (the Fund).

The investment aims to support the region’s green energy transition and technology-enabled infrastructure development, which is also expected to improve cross-border digital connectivity within Asia.

The Fund aims to allocate its investments in digital infrastructure (e.g., data centers) and energy transition opportunities (e.g., offshore wind farm vessel operations, transport electrification opportunities, low energy building solutions and other related subsectors).

While green energy transition is the centerpiece of global efforts to achieve sustainable development, address climate change and accelerate a new age of inclusive, low-carbon growth, the Fund is expected to contribute toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and achievement of Net-Zero targets through increasing renewable energy capacity.

“AIIB plays a major role in building more resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure to deliver significant socioeconomic benefits, meet growing demand of our Members’ economies and help achieve global climate objectives,” said Urjit R. Patel, AIIB Vice President, of Investment Operations.

“AIIB is committed to catalysing the flow of capital toward renewables and energy transition-related infrastructure to build a more resilient and sustainable energy system for our Members.”

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